What is the role of Biodiversity in our daily lives?

Who we are

Advocates for Biodivesity Conservation non-profit national NGO registered with the Registrar General's Department of Ghana.  Our integrated approach allows it to maximize the benefits stakeholders get from natural resources by deploying resources, tools and approaches along the entire value chain



We are a not-for profit organization that serve the good of the general public. it is therefore our obligation to adhere to the recommended. essential and legal practices prescrib all ed by law.

We ensure that in all our programs our level of performance exceeds expectation and share the results with the public at all time. We do this through regulae interactions with our constituents, donors, collaborators, partners and the general public through workshops, training programs, meetings, information materials, news items, and our annual reports which are available here. 

Practical & Science-based solutions for Human Development and Biodiversity Conservation

Our Vision 

We want to see a World where people are well informed to make  the decisions and partake in conservation of nature for their own good and the good of future generations

Our Mission

We advocate for knowledge sharing, sustainable livelihoods, the conservation of nature and the wellbeing of people through partnerships, and respect for human rights. 

Our Approach 

ABC takes a novel approach towards the conservation of nature for human development and wellbeing.

To achieve this, ABC works together with government and its agencies, private sector, local communities and other CSOs to ensure that our communities are resilient (Ecological integrity), children go to school (Education), and farmers move above the poverty line (Economic Empowerment).

Learn more about our innovative approaches in our programs, initiatives, and the landscapes we work in.

Learn More about our Pangolin research program

We have witnessed that engaging communities and individuals in this way helps to build capacity and local ownership ultimately increasing the long-term sustainability and viability of our programs.

We recognize and appreciate the local communities we work with. We respect their leadership and view these communities as partners instead of participants. They are part of our planning to closure so we work with them rather than for them. This ensures that ownership of every initiative and the long term viability and sustainability of our initiatives.

We respect and appreciate local communities we work with by treating them as equal partners in our all our projects. We view them as partners instead of participants and we work with them rather than for them.

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