Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation

Practical and Science-based Solutions for Human Development and Biodiversity Conservation


The world is experiencing rapid changes than any other period in its history. Natural resources are constantly being reduced, with an equivalent radical implication for livelihoods and wellbeing of local communities. You can make a difference by getting to know about our work and how you can contribute. 

ABC’s work started after a group of development workers came together to do something different to advance the

development agenda of rural communities whilst protecting natural resources.


ABC has seen tremendous growth in its programs and its impact on people, their communities and the natural resource

around them.

We work through partnerships with other CSOs, local communities, their leaders, government, and the private sector.

This allows the programs of ABC to achieve greater impact than if these partners worked independently.


Through this approach ABC is able to share best practices and lessons learnt,
coordinate activities with partners, collaborators and donors.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for the sharing of knowledge, sustainable livelihoods, the conservation
of nature and the wellbeing of people.

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Our Vision

We want to see a world where people are well informed to make decisions and partake in the
conservation of nature for their own good and the good of future generations.

Our Aproach

ABC takes a novel approach towards the conservation of nature for human development and wellbeing.

To achieve this, ABC works together with government and its agencies, private sector, local communities and other CSOs

to ensure that our communities are resilient (Ecological integrity), children go to school (Education),

and farmers move above the poverty line (Economic Empowerment). 

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Our work spans various ecosystems in Sub-Saharan West Africa. From the wetlands and coastal zone where we work with communities to restore mangroves and develop alternative livelihoods that improves the wellbeing of coastal folks and makes their communities resilient. We work in the Savannah areas in Northern Ghana to manage water for agriculture and improve agricultural practices whilst promoting community participation in natural resource management.

Our work in the High Forest Zone (HFZ) of Ghana primarily involves the promotion of agroforestry schemes in tree crop systems (cocoa, oil palm, cashew, rubber, etc.). Our work contribute to a number of initiatives currently being implemented/ coordinated by The govoernment of Ghana at the landscape level. Read more......

Our feet in the soil, Our heads in the skies

Where we work

We have witnessed that engaging communities and individuals in this way helps to build capacity and local ownership ultimately increasing the long-term sustainability and viability of our programs.

We recognize and appreciate the local communities we work with. We respect their leadership and view these communities as partners instead of participants. They are part of our planning to closure so we work with them rather than for them. This ensures that ownership of every initiative and the long term viability and sustainability of our initiatives.

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