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Community-based Green Enterprises are business that are community owned, community led, able to generate profits or surpluses, socially and environmentally sustainable and have a sustainable financial mechanism that enables the business to thrive beyond project lifecycle. Learn More......


We provide knowledge for decision making and influencing conservation policies. We believe that conservation efforts based on sound and practical knowledge will improve human wellbeing and help prevent extinction and implement measures that will drive the increase in viable population levels of species around several biomes in the country. Learn more……


Lions and other species are at the brink of extinction due to humans and their activities. Fortunately, we have the opportunity to save these species and their habitats. 

Species Trust

Most of Ghana's remaining biodiversity is contained in our protected areas. Ghana's Protected Area Management Strategy presents an opportunity for community involvement and ownership

The purpose of The Park Service is to complement the efforts of local park staff in implementing various sections of the management plans that are developed for protected areas in Ghana. PSI volunteers will assist park staff in data collection and analysis, community education and awareness creation, administrative duties, and other special duties that may be required. Learn more.....

Our Citizen Collect and Advocate (CC&A) initiative is targeted at the public and uses the crowd-sourcing approach to collect information on the natural environment which is fed and analyzed by a decision support system (DSS) for decision making. By doing so, a platform is provided for engaging citizens in environmental monitoring and advocacy. Learn more.....

Community-based Green Enterprises