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Our work is centered on people. At ABC-Ghana, we work at all levels to address the threats to unsustainable natural resource management that has recourse to the health and wellbeing of people. Whilst people continue to take the center stage of activities that destroy our environment, they also present an opportunity to address these issues that affect their wellbeing.

At the global level, we work with other CSOs (international and national) to bring NRM issues to the fore. We work through coalitions, networks, and collaborations to contribute our quota and make our voices heard in the international discourse. 

Our Initiatives

Our Citizen Collect and Advocate (CC&A) initiative is targeted at the public and uses the crowd-sourcing approach to collect information on the natural environment which is fed and analyzed by a decision support system (DSS) for decision making.  Learn more.....

citizens collect and advocate

gallery/park service

Park Service Initiative (PSI) volunteers assist local forestry staff in data collection and analysis, community education and awareness creation, administrative duties, and other special duties that may be required.

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park service


species trust

We provide knowledge for decision making and influencing conservation policies. We believe that conservation efforts based on sound and practical knowledge will improve human wellbeing and help prevent extinction. Learn more……


Community-based Green Enterprises are business that are community owned, community led, able to generate profits or surpluses, socially and environmentally sustainable and have a sustainable financial mechanism that enables the business to thrive beyond project lifecycle. Learn More......

community-based green enterprises

Our Initiatives are developed and implemented as a result of continues implementation of projects in the field. They usually receive longer term funding that goes beyond the normal timelines that are given by donors. We believe our initiatives have lasting impacts and seek to take on board new participants at any point in the implementation phase. it also give others the opportunity to develop add-on activities that can be implemented as the initiative rolls on.