Advocates for Biodiversity Conservation

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By donating you support us to maintain our presence at the forefront of the efforts to promote human wellbeing and biodiversity conservation


Your donations will help us restore degraded areas in off reserve and protected areas. We have undertaken restoration potential assessments within a number of landscapes and know the native species that could be used to restore these areas based on choice of the local communities and national priorities. In off-reserve areas our target is to promote cocoa/ cashew agroforestry schemes that are climate resilient in Ghana. 


Your donations will help us in our species conservation efforts. We support local forestry staff with capacity, supplies, and equipment that aid in their daily routines as they promote biodiversity conservation in the local levels. We support communities to develop Community Resource Management Areas (CREMAs) for improved participation, equitable benefit sharing and management of natural resources. We also promote research and education on species, ecosystems and habitats. 

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Your donations wil support us to assist and empower local communities to set up community-based green enterprises as alternative/ additional livelihoods options. These enterprises will promote livelihood security through diversity in options, skills development and adoption of modern and improved technologies for agriculture. Our livelihood programs are targeted at the vulnerable in society including women, youth and persons with disabilities. 

We are also open to develop new programs with you that is aligned with our work or support our existing programs